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Compact Piston Paste Filling Machine


shut-off nozzle provides a smooth operation, as well as the easily-changeable filling tips.
It Is simple to operate,also, clean up is also quick and easy, the machine can be pulled down, washed and parts replaced in very little time
All parts in contact with filling material are made of 316L stainless steel to meet cGMP standards.
The filling range and speed are easily adjusted.
The machine requires no electricity, using only compressed air.


  • Filling volume: 50-250 ml,75-500 ml, 100-1000 ml, 1000-5000 ml.
  • Air pressure: 0.4 0.6 Mpa.
  • Dimension: 1250 * 440 * 450 mm.
  • Weight: 50 kg.